A flat white coffee in a black Huskee cup with new branding business cards by Smack Bang.


Enabling the transition to a waste-free world.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Sydney, Australia

Huskee is a reusable coffee cup that’s transforming the industry. Sustainability and sophistication were dual objectives we considered when designing their brand experience. We worked together with the team to create an identity that not only upholds the Huskee brand values but also invites growth in the product range through a considered and simple execution. Through the custom logotype hinting at the ridges in the cup and the ease of a pour, to the simplified icon, the award-winning product is continually pushed to the front of the brand. Since the launch of Huskee’s inception, they have since won ‘Best in Class’ at the 2018 Good Design Awards.

Huskee billboard marketing poster mockup by Smack Bang.
New Huskee typography by Smack Bang.
Someone holding a white Huskee tote and beside it is a white Huskee cup icon with branding by Smack Bang.
New Huskee branding & iconography designed by Smack Bang.
Collage of Huskee cups & typography created by Smack Bang.
Pieces of marketing collateral & new Huskee packaging design by Smack Bang.
Some filter coffee being poured into a Huskee cup.
Stack of Huskee business cards designed by Smack Bang.
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