Name & Tagline Development

A strong brand name should be authentic, memorable and resonate with your dream audience. It is an essential and critical component of a successful brand identity.

One way to bring about an early death to your brand is by granting it a bland and conventional name.


With no shortage of businesses out there, your brand name is a core differentiator from the masses. It is your opportunity to set the tone of your brand with loud and clear intentionality.




At Smack Bang, we treat your brand name like it is the blurb of an epic story. The name acts as the headline of your authentic brand story and can be the make or break when it comes to grabbing consumer attention and ultimately, conversion. So how can a name summarise your story? Well we believe when done well, a good brand name will be distinctive from competitors, authentic to your brand vision and elicit the appropriate emotional response from your audience.

Alongside our brand naming service, we also coin emotive, articulate and meaningful taglines that help to distinguish your brand in busy markets. A strong tagline ​​will be both memorable and meaningful short phrase that evokes the essence of your brand. Particularly in today’s world of short attention spans and busied minds, one can’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted tagline that acts as an insightful soundbyte setting the stage for your brand story to find its traction.

The nitty gritty

As a leading branding agency, Smack Bang delivers brand naming and tagline development services to grant your brand charisma, longevity and growth. We achieve this through a deep dive into your brand DNA and a hearty dose of strategic planning to craft a brand name or tagline that delivers a memorable, meaningful experience that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Smack Bang proudly developed the names of leading brands:

Core Breakdown

Brand Naming and Tagline Development

Creative Territories. We explore 3 distinct creative territories.

Brand Names. A total of 12 final name options.

Rationales. Accompanying rationales and brand messaging direction.

Diligence. Research into market landscape, competitors and domain/handle availability.

Trademark Search. Legal trademark search for up to 5 brand name options.


Our employees, partners, and shareholders are extremely happy with the new brand. Smack Bang’s work has been invaluable to our business and have successfully elevated us in our industry.

— Laureen Stowers, CMO Bullet Train

The creation of Mumli has been such an incredible process. One I couldn’t have done without the team at Smack Bang. We have worked with Smack Bang from the very start of our inception. They have since been by our side through every pivot and adaptation, bringing our story to life and giving soul and a beating heart to our brand across a broad range of mediums.

— Mel Corlett, Founder Mumli

Our company was blown away by the intimate, precious, and compelling work completed by Smack Bang. Internally, it has been very well received and loved. Smack Bang’s contributed value to our business has been game-changing!

— Elliot Costello, Founder Phantm

Developing a cohesive and robust brand identity is an integral element of any effective brand strategy.

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