Future Brands  —  25 08 21

Beauty is no longer skin deep.

We’re detectives when it comes to whether our granola contains gluten, but historically we’ve been ignorant to what products we lather ourselves with. The Clean Beauty movement of yesteryear saw buzzwords like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ appear across skincare advertisements, as we collectively sulked over to our bathroom cabinet and began to question what actually is


Future Brands  —  22 06 21

The Future: Sustainable packaging.

It’s 2021, and brands can no longer afford to not prioritise sustainability. It is no secret that consumerism is a key contributor to waste and global emissions. Sustainable practice has become a base level requirement for brands who want to succeed in today’s climate, however, simply labelling a product as ‘sustainable’ is no longer making


Future Brands  —  19 05 21

The future of women’s economic empowerment.

This article is part of our new series titled ‘Future Brands’ which centres on global forecasts, trend insights and category challengers. At Smack Bang, we believe women with wealth will change the world. It’s time we change the narrative around women’s financial wellbeing. The current conversation typically centers around getting by on maternity leave, protecting your


Lessons from the Lab  —  21 04 20

Rewiring your brand for innovation during COVID-19.

The times they are a-changin’ am I right? At Smack Bang, we’ve entered our 5th week working from home as the story of 2020 continues to unfold in ways none of us could have ever imagined. Right now, it’s unclear how long this period of unpredicted turmoil might last. The duration of our isolation and


Lessons from the Lab  —  09 04 20

Why now is the time to better your brand.

I am all too aware of the tragedy COVID-19 has caused the world over. The sheer scale and enormity of this crisis isn’t lost on me for one second. However, in spite of the human health concerns and economic calamity, it’s important to recognise this crisis as an opportunity for growth and innovation across all


Ideas + Insights  —  02 04 20

Steering your brand through challenging times.

Brands across the globe are at battle. As well as the usual battles of fighting for market share, being heard amongst the noise or racing to permeate a gap, we’re now facing a battle of another kind. The battle to simply stay alive. It’s safe to say that most businesses, regardless of their industry have


Lessons from the Lab  —  29 03 20

Braving the Covid-19 Storm.

To our delightful Smack Bang community, The speed with which COVID-19 has swept across our planet has been breathtaking.  I wanted to take a moment to check-in with you all, not to let you know how often we are washing our hands (because we’ve lost count), but just to connect and send love.  I’m aware

Ideas + Insights  —  28 11 19

Overcoming imposter syndrome.

Let’s start with a family-friendly game of Yes/No. Everyone got their paddles at the ready? Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, unproductively? Do you find yourself constantly comparing your work to others in your industry? Are you are putting off creating something new because you are scared others are doing it better? Do