Ideas + Insights  —  21 06 23

Can someone please just make me feel something? 

If you’re a brand builder of any kind, it is your job to redefine the laws of attraction to trigger an emotional response in your audience. And not just any emotional response — Ideally, one that elicits a sense of connection that takes the relationship beyond merely a transactional one. If you can, one that


Future Brands  —  12 10 22

The Future of Cannabis

The global Cannabis market continues to grow and 2022 is set to be a crucial year for Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry.  Whilst Australia is only just joining the movement, the world’s growing obsession with cannabis and CBD products shows no signs of slowing down, mirroring our growing obsession with wellness culture and all things self

Ideas + Insights  —  01 08 22

Breakthrough with branding: Here’s how to be brave.

There is no denying the power of branding is absolutely unstoppable. Branding is the ultimate sway your business will have in its desired market. As the world continues to immerse itself deep into the digital depths, branding has become a top priority for leading companies looking to differentiate their offerings and in turn, increase their


Ideas + Insights  —  05 07 22

How to maximise shelf-appeal: All the best products are following suit.

There’s a tried and tested formula to create an award winning brand that can cement itself as a serious industry stayer straight out of the gates. Here, we take a dive into the areas of focus to achieve this success through the lens of recent branding project, Giddy Citizen. __ According to a Harvard Business


Trend Paper  —  11 06 22

The Future of E-Commerce

Introducing the Trend Paper — A quarterly insight into the trends shaping our future. We’re excited to be bringing you these Digital Agency insights to untap your brand’s potential and bolster it for success in tomorrow’s market. First up: The Future of Ecommerce.  ​ A seismic shift has been felt across the e-commerce landscape in


Future Brands  —  02 06 22

The 10 Traits of Future-Ready Brands

Consumer expectations are rapidly transforming and brands need to be future proofing their strategy if they want to continue to achieve in the climate that is our modern world.   As saying goes: fail to plan and you plan to fail. Brands that are future-ready will be those that manage to plan ahead with insight


Future Brands  —  02 06 22

Is ‘purpose-washing’ the new greenwashing?

This post was guest authored by Luke Dean-Weymark is the co-founder and Director of purpose-led communications and creative agency Compass Studio — a boutique communications and creative agency, with macro thinking.  With over 15 years of experience across the Australian and UK PR industry, Luke is passionate about preserving our planet and the power of

Our Studio  —  31 05 22

We’ve transitioned to a 4 Day Week – Here’s why.

3 years ago working effectively from home was considered impossible. Today, it’s celebrated as the ‘norm’. We look back on old ways with new lenses and the beauty of retrospect shows how flawed our original rigidity and thinking was. In 10 years from now, I guarantee we’ll be looking back with the same lens at