We are a new breed of creative agency, where bold brilliance meets opportunity, experimentation and recreation.

  • We worship unconventional ideas and defy tradition, always.
  • We put our people first, always.
  • We’re driven by purpose, always.
  • We’re led by humility and humour, always.

At Smack Bang, we’re creating a culture where individuals can build their best futures as part of a truly thriving team founded on big hearts and cracking banter.

Interested in working for a different kind of agency? One where your humanity is heroed and your wellbeing is paramount to our success? We’re disrupting the agency norm with an intentional and humanised culture that reimagines the role work plays in our lives.

Own your own schedule, play a major role in projects (despite your job title), drive the future and be supported to grow bravely.

Your best work starts here.

It’s hard to capture the culture of a company in words, but we’ve tried (we’re ambitious like that).

The Land of


We prioritise the ambition of our people and ensure everyone has the means, support and Monday morning G-Chat affirmations to succeed and grow.

As a company, we are continually reinventing ourselves, which means our people are presented with endless opportunities to learn and push themselves as they build upon past successes and work towards future goals.

What does this look like? It looks like a team of thriving individuals with clear growth plans, infinite upskill opportunities and endless support to push through challenges. It looks like an exciting portfolio of motivating clients and a team that truly champions one

support to push through challenges. It looks like an exciting portfolio of motivating clients and a team that truly champions one another’s career progression on the grounds of talent, purpose, impact, humanity and Spotify Annual Round-ups.

It’s simple really, our goal is to identify, uncover and untap your potential with meaningful and exciting opportunities. We give everyone the tools, opportunity and support to build their best futures. But the determination and drive to follow through is on them.


We’ve always treated our people as, well, people — human beings with big, full lives, families (and the subsequent chaos and sick days that follow), dreams, ambitions and 9am Hair Appointments. For us, part of that means encouraging our team to design themselves a life where work and life outside of work fit together in ways that suit them.

It means every decision our leadership team makes is through the lens of humanity. Why? Because people who do great work deserve great care and respect in return. That’s why we’re committed to building a culture where people are honoured as the elaborate, complex and ridiculously under-watered beings that they are.

Flexibility is an pivotal part of the culture at Smack Bang, as it not only allows us to have staff who are ‘on’ during their peak performance hours, but also gives our team the opportunity to live full lives when they’re ‘off’. That’s why we allow our employees to set their own work hours, enjoy every Friday off (yes, you read that correctly), and work remotely and autonomously with supportive systems in place.

We care for our people because there’s more to life than work, not because it will boost productivity or outcomes. We’re bold, open and inclusive at our core; we don’t mind who you are, what you eat for dinner or what you wear to bed, there’s only one caveat to who belongs at Smack Bang — you must be a Human with a heart that pumps blood.


With great team spirit and support for one another, our people are encouraged to be brave, take risks and step outside of their usual methods and ways of thinking. With empathetic leadership to guide, catch and push, our team regularly experiment with bold ideas and brave innovation.

Here, all ideas are always welcome, encouraged and considered, no matter your position or experience. We make room for all that lights us up, and are prepared to trial almost anything for the betterment of our team and our company. The ability to work outside of their JDs, contribute to the bigger vision and help steer the company direction is what makes our people proud to call Smack Bang theirs.


As a team and as a company, we care about what we’re leaving behind. We are proud to be 100% carbon-neutral, and are in the process of joining the B Corp crew. We are grateful to be able to offer direct support to progressive people doing progressive things through our thrice yearly pro-bono projects — The Smack Bang Foundation provides pro-bono creative to purpose-led brands that are rooted in progressive and positive change.

As we evolve and grow, so does our commitment to bettering the space around us. At Smack Bang, we attract the good guys – the honest, the impactful and the disruptive.

Our people are proud of their portfolios and love to brag that they work with tomorrow’s leading and purpose-led startups and scale-ups.

The world is facing some pretty big stuff right now, but make no mistake, the work you create has an impact. You have the power to help make great lasting change. Choose to work for an agency who strives to do better and be better, every single day.

So, what does this frivolity look like in action?

The remarkable culture we’re creating goes beyond benefits and perks, (the purpose, mission, satisfaction and pride our team rant about is palpable). But let’s face it, the benefits and perks certainly do make the icing on the cake that bit sweeter.

Here’s how we’re building a company where employees build their best futures:

  • We champion a 4 day working week with 100% of the pay for 80% of the hours. Why? Because people who do great work deserve great care and respect in return. Read more here. 
  • You don’t need to be in an office or at a desk to have an impact anymore. With our hybrid model, employees can decide where and how they work best. Our Hybrid work environment includes 24/7 access to a co-working space (locations in Melbourne and Sydney) to use at their own discretion.
  • We encourage autonomy in performing work – set your own schedules and work hours, with respect to your team and clients.
  • Access to a variety of social, workshop, wellbeing activities at the co-working space: Memberships – The Commons
  • We offer non-gendered parent leave benefits, including tailored return-to-work plans. 
  • As well as this, we provide Miscarriage and Bereavement Leave (10 days), Climate related leave (3 days) and Pick and Mix Public Holidays (generally, our people don’t wish to celebrate Australia Day, and choose to take this day at another time) as well as 2 weeks additional sick leave for any gender affirming surgery or procedure.
  • We champion our team’s development both professionally and personally by providing upskill opportunities and access to external courses. 
  • By creating Tailored Career Growth plans, set by each employee and their manager, we provide a clear roadmap for career progression and help you design your own future at Smack Bang. Our employees govern their own progress through regular conversations and feedback to explore opportunities for growth into areas that excite and inspire. 
  • Each year we host two team offsites designed to align our growing team and establish the vision for the months ahead. These offsites act as a reflection, check in and space for our people to celebrate their wins and feel aligned and inspired. Oh, and did we mention that wine is involved? 
  • We also run an internal training program, ‘Brand Builders’ — an on-going stream of guest speakers from relevant industries to educate, inspire and challenge. These sessions focus on innovation, sustainability and disruptive thinking.
  • We’re a small team with a flat structure and zero office politics. Our “corporate ladder”is wide enough for the whole team to ascend together and we provide opportunity for everyone to contribute to the greater vision, despite their role or experience. We want each individual to feel valued and be able to explore their strengths, never feeling pigeonholed by their job title. 
  • Have your voice heard at 1:1 Quarterly reviews and regular feedback surveys.
  • Not to state the obvious, but we know that diverse players breed better, more robust teams. We take pride in building a diverse team, and centre our hiring process around it. We are pledge to interview and meet with as many diverse voices as possible.
  • When you work with amazing people, it’s not hard to have a good time.
  • Monthly social team events, drinks, lunches and get togethers. 
  • Access to discounts on an array of aligned products.

The types of humans who thrive at Smack Bang

Genuine and genuinely determined beings who welcome challenges and change. (We believe change is expected and above all, exciting.)

Those who pride themselves on being open-minded, adaptable and resilient.

The curious, clever and collaborative types.

Those who are hungry (literally and figuratively), fired up and ready to make an impact.

Those who lead with kindness first, and leave ego at the door.

  • Opportunity mindset

    You have an optimistic disposition, wise perception and genuine resolve to harness the endless potential of possibility. You are always in the pursuit of something better and wholeheartedly believe it’s within reach. You are proud of your role within our company, and while you focus on your strengths, you are open-minded to working outside of your job description from time to time for the greater good. Your priority is the overall wellbeing and achievements of our team.

  • Impeccable communication

    In all forms of communication you express yourself clearly by being articulate, concise and consistent. You remain graceful when given feedback and welcome constructive criticism in order to grow within your role. You are always respectful of others and calm during conversation, even in disagreements and stressful situations. You listen with the intention of learning from others.

  • Impactful work

    You accomplish amazing amounts of important work. You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you. You focus on both great results and processes. You exhibit bias-to-action, and avoid analysis-paralysis. While you have a manager available for clarification and motivation, you have a good understanding of all priorities and objectives.

  • Innovative thinking

    You re-conceptualise issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems. You challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches. You create new ideas that prove useful. You keep us nimble by minimising complexity and finding time to simplify.

  • Radical Candor

    You are known for candor and directness. You are constructive when you give feedback, and non-political when you disagree with others and you never speak negatively about a fellow colleague. You are comfortable admitting fault or mistakes, and are patient and forgiving to others that face their own shortcomings.

  • Collaboration

    You thrive working alongside colleagues, clients and partners. You are open-minded to the ideas and solutions of others and see the benefit in various perspectives. You are comfortable communicating when you require feedback or inspiration, and in turn, act as a sound-board for your team mates when they are in need. You understand collaboration is important in maintaining an inspired and energised workplace.

Join the team

We’re looking for our next wave of talents to bolster the agency for our next stage of growth.

With a dynamic approach, boundless energy and fierce determination, coupled with a clear roadmap, opportunities to upskill and a full, thriving team, we are making our mark. This next phase is about going big, so we can fly high.

As a part of our team, you are our most important and valued asset. We could not accomplish what we do without the talented team of humans who work to create a brighter and more assuring future. Oh, and their dogs. A team of diligent, hard-working and always hungry (just literally) canines who accompany them to work. (was that a round-about way of telling you our office is dog friendly? Yes, it was.)

Senior Level Designer (Full-time)

Vibrant creative agency seeks unstoppably talented Senior Designer to build innovative, meaningful brand experiences. Are you our perfect match? We’re looking for someone who can inspire the team, who can take a brief and hit the ground running. Open and nimble, you’re an expert collaborator and natural adapter – ready to pivot in a new direction with an endless supply of meaningful ideas. Turning the mundane, into a moment – you’re aware of trends, but never afraid to blaze your own trail. We’re looking for a natural leader, with a strategic eye and creative edge – someone who gets excited by a challenge and knows how to keep things movin’. Feeling visionary? Apply now.


Motion Designer (Contract or Part-time)

Can you turn brand values into verbs? Can you bring ideas to life with confident flavour and animated flare?
We’re on the hunt for a master of motion design. Someone who not only possesses proficient skill, but comes to work brimming, excited with new ideas. In your element, you live to innovate, taking initiative and seeing challenges as opportunities. You thrive on collaboration, driven by a curiosity to seek out the new, pushing not only the brief, but also your best work. Got the motion for our ocean? Apply now.