We are an independent creative agency fuelling the flames of connection.

Underpinned by a notion for change, we redefine the laws of attraction to build brands larger than life.

What makes us different?

A decade ago, an agency was started by a woman who’d never set foot in one.

Challenging convention gave us our start, so it’s no surprise it lives on in our work still today.

True to name, we build brands with bang. Brands with an unabashed presence, functioning for high-frequency human connection. Brands that are meticulously engineered to intrigue you, relate to you and convert you. Brands that marry passion and purpose with an understanding of the social responsibility that comes with modern-day operating.

Fuelled by continual curiosity and a catchcry that creativity can be unconventional, we drive refreshed perspectives and collaboration. We know a better future begins with us, with our approach and with the conversations we’re having with the brands of tomorrow.

We think the future is bright.

We are Smack Bang.

So, what do we do?

Proficient in the art of differentiation, we architect brands to capture attention and cultivate trust. We are for the head-turners. The ones that are here to stay. The ones you’re not about to forget.

The entire Smack Bang MO is focused on gearing brands for future growth. Our creative vanguard of visionaries will build your brand on unwavering foundations that’ll quickly transform into a clear-cut competitive advantage.

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And the icing on the cake?

We give a damn. With a reimagined approach to work, we’re a 100% Carbon Neutral agency, treading lightly with the utmost purpose and intent.

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The proof is in the projects

Fox Coffee

Democratising the world of coffee.

Giddy Citizen

Supercharging the everyday.


Enriching connection for a well-lived life.

P.E Nation

Pioneering a new frontier in activewear.

Ready to make your brand larger than life?
We are.

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