Our promise to the planet

Put simply, it’s not about our work or who we do it for. It’s about what happens next. It’s about the reality that we are all helping to create—The reality that will shape our collective futures, providing the promise of a future that respects both the planet and its people.

In partnership with our clients, we strive to have an agile approach to the creative process that is rooted in the importance of mitigating our impact on the planet whilst supporting them to carve out a narrative that rings true to their unique brand values and market positioning.

Through our Smack Bang brand values, commitments, processes, supply chain and devotion to our goals, we can effect positive change and we are grateful to be in the position to do so.

Our strategies + ambitions

Partnering with brands that are making sustainability a natural and implicit part of their proposition.

We partner with brands to help them build and reimagine their narratives to better launch them into the loyal, and very discerning, hands of consumers around the world. Through this process, we’re committed to seeing each of our brands present their best selves and act by the brand values they espouse. We hope to inspire our clients to adapt to new market realities and take a planet-positive role in creating better consumer products that shift categories and add value to people’s lives by doing better.

Helping our clients produce planet-friendly products that prioritise after-life over shelf-life.

As a company who enables the creation of many things, we believe it is our responsibility to help our clients limit their impact through innovative processes and materials. Our aim is to help make our client’s values relevant, visible and tangible to the end consumer, through reimagining the possibilities and prioritising the afterlife of their packaging. We do not believe in creating the unsustainable or sustaining the uncreative, so we operate at the junction of sustainable creativity.

We are also proud members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and partner with suppliers producing innovative materials and options that work to reduce impact.

We have worked hard to limit our impact by reimagining the ways in which we work - through innovating our processes we can proudly say that we are now 100% Carbon Neutral

We’re proud to be a part of a new breed of brands that are committed to becoming more responsible versions of ourselves and are inspired by making planet-positive choices. We acknowledge our responsibility to use our platform for a better future, and one way we’re doing this is by reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting our carbon emissions to help combat climate change. We are certified carbon-neutral and will continue to offset 100% of our emissions!

Our own supply chain actively partners with and supports the innovation of pioneering companies like Sendle (our carbon-neutral courier), Felix (our carbon-neutral communications provider), and The Commons (our B-Corp certified coworking space) who are committed to working in harmony with the natural environment, not against it.

Our agency continues to run as a remote-hybrid office in order to lessen the environmental impacts of our daily workings. We have recently taken this commitment a step further by transitioning to a 4 Day Week. Our team is clocked off every Friday, minimising digital emissions as we put the work tools to rest.

Providing pro-bono creative to purpose-led brands.

Our agency is grateful to have a platform through which we can offer opportunity and direct support to progressive people doing progressive things through our thrice yearly pro-bono projects. In 2019, we launched the Smack Bang Foundation to provide pro-bono creative to purpose-led brands that are rooted in progressive and positive change. A few our of recent Foundation Projects include Call Time On Melanoma, Worn for Good, Groundswell Giving.

Learn more about our Foundation here

Sustainability as a brand driver is unfolding faster than before, and presents as an opportunity for companies to reimagine their positioning to earn greater loyalty, regain real relevance and have lasting impact.

At Smack Bang, we believe the transition to our new market reality presents an entire paradigm shift, one that we are excited to champion.