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How business can shape a brighter future

Welcome to ‘The Future’. This is ‘The Future’ that climate scientists warned us would feature catastrophic weather events, wars over resources, and political unrest. Biologists have long agreed that we are currently experiencing the planet’s sixth extinction crisis (the fifth was the dinosaurs), and that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return for

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2022 Design Trends

2022 is fast approaching and here at Smack Bang we’ve been thinking about the design trends that are going to characterise the year to come. After a turbulent 2020 and 2021, from the pandemic to the ongoing climate crisis, consumer perspectives have shifted and as such, so too has design. The following are our top

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Steering your brand through challenging times.

Brands across the globe are at battle. As well as the usual battles of fighting for market share, being heard amongst the noise or racing to permeate a gap, we’re now facing a battle of another kind. The battle to simply stay alive. It’s safe to say that most businesses, regardless of their industry have


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Overcoming imposter syndrome.

Let’s start with a family-friendly game of Yes/No. Everyone got their paddles at the ready? Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, unproductively? Do you find yourself constantly comparing your work to others in your industry? Are you are putting off creating something new because you are scared others are doing it better? Do


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My 5 greatest business a-ha moments.

I vividly remember when we moved into our first ‘real’ studio. We upgraded from our quasi-illegal, deeply humbling alleyway warehouse we shared with a family of mice and an abundance of quirky neighbours and moved into a light-filled office above an art gallery in Woollahra. It was beautiful, clean and very on-brand. To our sheer


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A brand name that resonates.

I went to school with a guy named Jackson Jackson. No joke. It’s funny, but it’s no joke. At the time I thought it was weird, I guessed his parents were either stoners, super lazy, or thought it was funny to make a mockery of their very own spawn. Thinking about it now, in retrospect,


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The pleasures and perils of scaling a business.

Before I had my daughter, I assumed my life would seamlessly and swiftly fall ‘back’ into place after my baby was born. She would enter the world effortlessly and gracefully in a similar motion to a dollop of ice cream leaving a scalding hot spoon. We’d fall instantly love and then I’d return to my


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How to promote yourself without promoting yourself.

This is an excerpt from our Calling the Shots Ebook. When I cast my mind back seven big-fat-exhausting years to starting this thing called Smack Bang, I’m instantly awash with nerves, apprehension and the urge to inject a good lashing of valium into my eyeballs. I was 22-years-old and had no idea what I was