Future Brands  —  13 05 22

Fashion’s Brave New World.

The words fashion and sustainability do not exactly go hand in hand. Fast fashion accounts for ten percent of the world’s carbon emissions and is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. The harsh reality is that any form of consumerism can have negative impacts for the environment, with up to 80% of


Future Brands  —  13 05 22

The Future of Fashion with Bianca Gregg of Del Rainbow

Fast Fashion is responsible for two thirds of the earth’s landfill and produces more carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. This impact is huge, and consumers are demanding change. We spoke to Bianca Gregg, Co Founder and Director of Del Rainbow about what she believes the future of sustainable fashion looks


In Conversation  —  07 05 22

Balancing Motherhood and Business, with Mumli

As a female founded business, Smack Bang has always sought to empower working mothers and obliterate stigma traditionally bestowed to mummas who value both their career and their role as a mum. To celebrate Mothers Day this year we spoke to Melanie Corlett, the founder behind Mumli, an app that helps you collect, save and


Future Brands, Lessons from the Lab  —  21 04 22

Our Brands: Pioneering a Sustainable New World.

A strong brand is a powerful tool. Traditionally, branding has been utilised to attract consumer attention with the ultimate goal of conversion, but brands are beginning to realise that their influence doesn’t have to stop there. Businesses can (and should) be utilised as vehicles for change. Through compelling storytelling, strong brand messaging or undeniable value


Future Brands  —  20 04 22

Finding cut-through in a flooded market: here’s how

Is your brand having an identity crisis? You’re not alone, in the 2020 financial year, over 344,000 new businesses entered the Australian market. That’s a lot of new brands vying for our attention and hard-earned cash. In current times, it’s certainly become far simpler to create a brand or start a business. All it takes


Ideas + Insights  —  04 04 22

How business can shape a brighter future

Welcome to ‘The Future’. This is ‘The Future’ that climate scientists warned us would feature catastrophic weather events, wars over resources, and political unrest. Biologists have long agreed that we are currently experiencing the planet’s sixth extinction crisis (the fifth was the dinosaurs), and that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return for

Future Brands  —  11 03 22

Consumer expectations and the future of greener brands.

WHILE CONSUMER CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT, IN PARTICULAR, THE CLIMATE CRISIS, HAVE OSCILLATED FOR YEARS, THE EVENTS OF 2020 AND 2021, AND NOW 2022, HAVE MARKED A SIGNIFICANT TURNING POINT. Recent events, which extend beyond the pandemic and climate emergency, have redefined consumer expectations of businesses at a time when the relationship between profit and


Ideas + Insights  —  15 12 21

2022 Design Trends

2022 is fast approaching and here at Smack Bang we’ve been thinking about the design trends that are going to characterise the year to come. After a turbulent 2020 and 2021, from the pandemic to the ongoing climate crisis, consumer perspectives have shifted and as such, so too has design. The following are our top