Meet the modern piercing studio founded on conscious and creative integrity.

Born from a philosophy that even an ordinary day can be a sartorial statement, Covetear offers a contemporary piercing service and highly wearable jewellery that becomes the catalyst for creative expression and a portal to self-identity.

The Smack Bang team were engaged to define the creative opportunity and construct the brand world for Covetear–one that reflected the company’s unique vision to reimagine the piercing offering. We helped galvanise their story through a full-scope initiative including strategy, brand identity, brand language design, web design, packaging, signage, campaign and art direction. The result is a brand experience that is equal parts brave, modern and edgy, but with a commercial strength that cannot be denied.

Enter the world of Covetear, where the exploration of self-expression is not just encouraged, but required. With its innate charm and reverence for style, Covetear is an ode to modernity: Effortlessly chic, functionally refined and made to last. Crafting quality pieces that exude luxury, they offer the ultimate in everyday ear curation.

Covetear elevates your everyday with adornment that steps up your signature look with a sartorial statement. It’s the bold you. The brave you. The you you’ve been building up to be.

Who is Covetear?

Covetear is a unique, powerhouse brand set on disrupting the piercing industry by claiming the space as the go-to for stylish, attainable, sustainable and best in class ear candy. Designed for the sophisticated rebel, Covetear is a bespoke piercing experience that encourages self expression for a life fully actualised. They believe fully and fiercely that style is not tantamount to fashion; True style is a mindset, an attitude. Walk into Covetear and walk out feeling empowered to be authentically you, however that looks.

On a mission.

With an ambitious trajectory for growth, the founding team at Covetear plan to launch 8 stores across the country in the first two years, with global expansion on the horizon by 2026. Their Gold Coast Flagship store is set to be the debut location, with doors opening April 2023.

The brand in the making.

Smack Bang developed an elevated brand identity that positions Covetear as the understated expert of modern artistry. A modern, elegant and distinct logo with two jewel-inspired accents breaks away from tradition and stands out in the industry. It reduces down to a secondary brand mark that abbreviates the logo. To reflect the free-spirited, audacious nature of Covetear, the visual language flexes opposing yet complimentary typefaces, specifically designed to clash. They work together to symbolise unapologetic expression and strength. The colour palette is stripped back to warm and lavish tones and is elevated with the use of metallic finishes to reflect Covetear’s premium offering. Photography is diverse, ageless, and inclusive, capturing the spirit of the Covetear customer, whoever they may be.

Our storytelling approach.

When Covetear approached Smack Bang, our strategic team knew there was a brave narrative to unearth. The delivered tone of voice and brand messaging speaks to the inclusive mission of the brand, by transforming a traditionally clinical or “grunge” service into one that feels elevated and approachable at every touch point. Sustainability is at the heart of the Covetear brand — considered at every step of the supply chain and operations — a pillar that was pushed front and centre of our messaging. The tone of voice is distinct and unmistakable but personable and refined, and has been crafted to appeal to a broad audience.


Carlene Raschke


Geordie Smith


Satya Schmitz

Hair + Makeup

Covetear presents a bespoke experience for modern rebels looking for a new outlet of self expression, with an unmissable and unapologetic vibe that appeals to its collective of consumers, bound not by demographics, but by spirit.

The final result.

This is a new breakout brand that holds strength of presence and genuine resonance, whilst ensuring the flex and ease for future growth and diversion. The brand is a loaded springboard for Covetear to become the trusted official in the Australian piercing space and the connoisseur of fine jewellery and buildable ear curation.