Chippit is a social money app that empowers people to reach their goals faster, together with friends and family. The team at Chippit engaged Smack Bang to rethink their existing Brand Identity to refresh and elevate the brand. With a unique value proposition, Chippit has digitised the communal pot, allowing people to access affordable capital, save for a shared goal, transact as a group and borrow interest-free.

The Smack Bang team have endeavoured to visually capture the sentiment of the Chippit brand to align target audiences, with the goal of ensuring stretch and breadth of assets to work across multiple platforms and brand touchpoints. The result is an unforgettable brand that breathes new life into everyone’s least favourite subject, finance.

How did we go about it?

Smack Bang revitalised Chippit with a vibrant, memorable and engaging brand identity. The brand mark is an abstract letter C, inspired by the idea of people ‘chipping in’ and pooling their money, with an exciting brand system built from this unique shape. The Chippit brand is positioned to be empowering to users, allowing them to feel in charge of their finances and connected with those around them. Built on the sentiment of togetherness and working toward a common goal, the brand messaging was developed to reflect this ideal with an infusion of cheekiness and fun. The colour palette chosen is vibrant and simple, and nods to Chippit’s slight female skew without alienating other audiences.

The end result?

We have positioned Chippit as an approachable and accessible banking service that is here to benefit everyone who uses it. Making finances digestible and no fuss, and dare we say it – fun. Bold, empowering typography helps capture the audience’s attention to convey brand messaging in a simple and accessible manner.

“We engaged SmackBang to complete initial brand design work for our fintech start-up after speaking with a number of agencies.  Once briefed, they turned around brilliantly creative branding under tight deadlines.

They are easy to work with, listen carefully to your creative intentions and knock your socks off with fresh creative ideas to tell your brand’s story.”

— Josh Garrett , CMO
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Chippit is a social money app that empowers people to reach their.