Web Development

Great web development allows you to streamline user experience, manage content design and perfect your conversion process.

Web Development, when done right, is integral to a successful brand as it directly impacts how your business is perceived by your audience.

When you invest the right energy, time and money into building strong ecommerce platforms, you’ll inevitably spend less on marketing and focus more readily on growth.



It is a reflection of your brand and what it stands for, and is a key player in keeping users on your site long enough to lead to conversion. At Smack Bang we aren’t just concerned with the aesthetic of your site, our services extend to ensuring your site is accessible to all users and extends to considering the environmental footprint of your webpage so you don’t have to. We know your website should be an extension of the values that underpin your brand and will help you uphold these principles across every touchpoint.

The nitty gritty

This service is often paired with our Web + Digital Design offering to support our clients in bringing their sites to life. In partnership with our talented Web Developer Cheryl Riley, Smack Bang can assist you in web page development that will help set your brand apart from the crowd. With meticulous thought given to UX, conversion and brand experience across every touchpoint, we can create a seamless website to support your brand goals.

We’ve recently built the digital homes of clients such as:

Core Breakdown

Our capabilities include:

E-Commerce/Content Website. Built on whatever platform you’re most comfortable with.

Interactive Sitemap. Available during development for trialling.

UX Design. Custom UX design realisation to optimise site flow and usage built with HTML/CSS coding.

Testing. Functionality testing of the site across a variety of browsers and devices.

Launch. Deployment of the site on your desired date/time.

Training. Thorough training on usage of the site including uploading and maintenance of products/content.


We couldn’t imagine better partners to build our brand. The strength and success of our new branding has made acquiring new relationships with big, existing brands all the more easier for us. We can honestly say we wouldn’t be where we are without Smack Bang.

— Sophie Ginns, Founder Worn For Good

Facilitating one of only two redesigns GrittyPretty.com has undergone since its inception, the value Smack Bang has helped bring to our business is endless.

— Eleanor Pendleton, Founder & Executive Editor Gritty Pretty

The power of packaging, both good and bad, is monumental.

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