20 years ago Mukti was working as a beauty therapist and – as cliché as it may sound now – found that natural options for her clients’ skin concerns were extremely limited. 

In an industry where self confessed ‘natural’ brands are often far from it, her aim was to reconnect people back to the essence of nature, creating health and happiness via toxin free lifestyles and beauty regimes. Since inception in 2000, Mukti Organics has always embraced change, strategically adapting their packaging and look at least half a dozen times.

We have recently had the pleasure of designing the elevation of Mukti Organics’ original logo allowing the brand to flow and create a luxurious feel, whilst maintaining its organic roots.

Building a brand takes more than a little elbow grease as Mukti explains. We get to the heart of what it takes to stay ahead of the game

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