Packaging Design

Packaging is a powerful tool, it creates the perfect anchor for consumers to base their purchasing decision on.

The purpose of packaging is to protect the goods inside but additionally, and arguably more importantly, it is to create a presence – standing out on a shelf or site.




The power of packaging, both good and bad, is monumental. It has direct influence on buying behaviour and thus, whether developed with minimal environmental impact in mind, or intended to convert on social platforms, packaging design should be a careful consideration in a brands overarching marketing strategy.

The nitty gritty

We work collaboratively with clients along the product development journey to marry function and practicality with aesthetic appeal. Offering guidance and consultation on all facets of packaging from materials, finishes and vessel structure. Smack Bang takes a considered and customer-first approach when partnering on packaging to ensure a result that’s proofed and primed for success. We know when consumers are facing the onslaught of similar products staring back at them on the supermarket shelf, packaging can be the deciding factor. We strive to ensure your brand is ticking the boxes across meaning, magnetism and momentum to prevail in today’s saturated markets.

Our team have had extensive experience working on packaging projects for a wide breadth of industries and purposes, some of which include:

Core Breakdown

Concepts and packaging rollout services include:

Creative ideation and design concepts.
Colour palettes, pairings and combinations.
Materials, textures, stock and print finishes.
Sustainable packaging options.
Inner and outer packaging, unboxing experiences and inserts – such as tissue paper
or product information guides.
Design application and rollout of approved designs to layout.


Our employees, partners, and shareholders are extremely happy with the new brand. Smack Bang’s work has been invaluable to our business and have successfully elevated us in our industry.

— Laureen Stowers, CMO Bullet Train

It was second-nature to partner with Smack Bang again to launch Habitual Beauty — the team’s creativity, work ethic and professionalism are truly unmatched

— Keira Rumble, Founder Habitual Beauty

We have had the pleasure of working with Smack Bang Designs over the last couple of years. Throughout the process, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and professionalism – always successfully bringing our own brand vision to life

— Carla Oates, Founder The Beauty Chef

The process was extremely thoughtful from beginning to end and I believe the brand will stand the test of time, forever bringing a smile to the consumer’s face, thanks to Smack Bang.

— Georgie Woods, Founder Giddy Citizen

The way you visually communicate your brand story is one of the most important steps to a successful and commercially viable brand.

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