Lessons from the Lab

Braving the Covid-19 Storm.

Tess Robinson

To our delightful Smack Bang community,

The speed with which COVID-19 has swept across our planet has been breathtaking.

I wanted to take a moment to check-in with you all, not to let you know how often we are washing our hands (because we’ve lost count), but just to connect and send love.

I’m aware that your inbox is already full with emails from many businesses with updates on how COVID-19 is affecting them. Like most, we at Smack Bang are facing an economic impact, just how severe only time will tell.

There’s no denying COVID-19 has thrown a (rather large and extremely unwanted) spanner in the works for us all. But that, my dear friends, is the key sentiment –

For. Us. ALL.

We are bound together, as business owners, as humans, as part of this wonderful, crazy and somewhat collapsing world, we are one.

During this time of uncertainty and heightened emotions, I implore you to adopt a growth mindset, over a fearful one. Let’s see what opportunities we can make from this. How can we pivot, tweak and adjust our businesses to cater to our new normal? How can we innovate, transform and reframe our current ways of working and thinking to give us the tools and opportunities that will not only see us survive this storm, but maybe even thrive throughout it.

In times of darkness, there is always an unimaginable, innovative and beautiful growth that starts to shine brighter and brighter, until the storm itself is blinded by the light.

Let’s take this time to recalibrate. Ask yourself, what felt heavy in your business well before this crisis? What have you been too scared to let go of, until now? And more importantly, in what ways could you BETTER serve your customers? How could you be offering real value to help your wonderful customers stay afloat in a time of such unease?

Now is the time to implement, tweak, change and pivot. Don’t wait to hear tomorrow’s news, don’t wait to see what relief package you’re eligible for. As I’ve always believed, it’s not the big that eat the small, but the fast that eat the slow. In this situation, nimbleness will be your ally, creativity your guiding light and innovation your life raft.

Here at Smack Bang HQ, the team and I are going to keep at it! All day, everyday. We’re gonna keep working our arses off to keep driving our business forward – no matter how uncertain the waters are ahead of us. We know, if we band together, knuckle down, be brave and think laterally, we will find a way to weather this storm so that we can be there for, and with, all of our customers and community on the other side.

To anyone who is feeling anxious, overwhelmed and paralysed by fear, please reach out to my team and I. You are not alone, we’ve got you.

With love, sanitiser and bravery,


Ps. Stop picking your nose.

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