Laand is a brand deeply focused on accountability in the skincare space. It aims to create a memorable consumer experience with a meaningful narrative, while respectfully weaving through elements of Australian indigenous heritage. As they began their journey from vision to market, it was important for Laand to align with an agency who had an intrinsic understanding of their industry and a grasp on a strong strategy to ensure they could achieve cut-through in a heavily crowded market — a challenge the brand was very aware of.

Smack Bang was tasked with building a visionary concept that had market impact, longevity and foundations to elevate as the brand continues to grow. We developed the brand strategy, identity, foundations, website, marketing content and packaging.




The brand in the making.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s colour palette the design team embarked on a concept exploring ‘Australia in the Spotlight’. Simplistic in theory, this concept takes a simple motif, the circle, and uses it as a window to the world. On the packaging, the circle emulates the sun, sitting high above the land, embracing diverse colour schemes. Outside the packaging, the circle becomes a lens through which Australia is shown. The typography palette heroes the marriage between science and nature, with a monospace and sans serif type used cohesively. In addition, an elegant editorial-style display typeface is used to elevate moments of story-telling on marketing collateral. For the photographic direction, the Australian landscape was an obvious hero with aerial landscape shots of notable locations or landmarks in the spotlight, amplifying our unique and diverse environment.

The final product.

Every element of the brand identity was created to form a balanced visual ecosystem – typography, colour, photography, tone of voice and design devices work together with a harmonious and cohesive tension that truly reflects the spirit of the land on which it was born.

The result is a memorable brand experience rooted in authenticity and connection that draws on the earthy and material qualities of both the product and its unique heritage and seamlessly aligns the brand to an aspirational lifestyle.