Gritty Pretty

Elevating an industry.

  • Web Design
  • Sydney, Australia

Gritty Pretty is the leading online beauty platform in Australia. As an established industry authority, it brings the latest trends, how-tos and products together to inform its loyal audience of beauty news worthy of their attention.

Outgrowing their original website, they contracted Smack Bang to bring Gritty Pretty 2.0 to market. Having slightly changed their business model and diversified their offering, the reimagined website needed to retain the luxe heritage of the original, but be reworked to perform harder and connect more thoroughly across all aspects.

We kept the existing editorial feel and injected pops of humanity and intrigue to keep it interesting and differentiated from competitors. We focused on interactivity, innovation and ease of navigation for the user. We also designed mobile-first knowing the millennial market were mostly viewing the site on their smartphones.

Working with new goals and parameters, we reprioritized the way the site worked to better incorporate advertising, enhance their directory, hero the digital magazine and introduce their new podcast.

Our entire approach was grounded in the concept of storytelling and creating a community, assisted through strong typography with customisations that are approachable and playful while maintaining a sense of luxury and strength.

“Facilitating one of only two redesigns has undergone since its inception, the value Smack Bang has helped bring to our business is endless.”

Eleanor Pendleton, Founder & Executive Editor

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