Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull is the creation of two globetrotters with a love for travel and a vision to inspire women around the world to travel well and often. The label evokes a sense of summer in the everyday through quality, uniquely designed and thoughtfully produced pieces and has established itself as the stable addition to the jet-setting woman’s suitcase. Every collection emits freedom, discovery and a sense of effortless style. 

When the founders approached us, their brand felt inconsistent, incomplete and not quite as mature as it needed to be. It had served them when they were starting out, but their rapid growth called for an elevation to help make their mark in a crowded market.

We began assembling and articulating the essence of the Faithfull brand DNA.

Crafting a compelling story, dialling in the vision and values, brand positioning, tone of voice and lastly, the look and feel — in one all-encompassing deliverable; our Brand Foundations Doc.

Once we had built the Brand Foundations, we then mapped out an entirely new ecommerce platform for the growing brand. Their website was designed as an elegant yet functional sales tool for the brand, further establishing them as category leaders in the fashion world.