Bloc Cannabis

Redefining cannabis culture.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Signage
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Las Vegas, United States

Founded by one of America’s leading cannabis companies, Justice Cannabis Co., Bloc offers a carefully curated selection of cannabis products through its sleek dispensaries across the U.S. With high demand and a growing community driving rapid expansion, Bloc are set to have dispensaries accessible to one third of the U.S. very soon. Each Bloc dispensary is built on values of adventure, connection and quality along with the fundamental belief that cannabis can be a powerful vehicle in bringing people together, to feel good.

We began working with Bloc shortly after it was founded, conceiving a brand strategy and building the brand from the ground up, delivering a complete identity suite, digital presence, marketing collateral, retail store design, tone of voice, copywriting, and both online and in-store brand experiences.

Bloc signage mockup and branding by Smack Bang of a girl tossing her hair.
Bloc Cannabis marketing collateral by Smack Bang.
Bloc Cannabis logo & t-shirt designed by Smack Bang.
Bloc signage mockup and branding by Smack Bang of a freckled girl pulling a funny face.
Bloc Cannabis promotional branding by Smack Bang.
Bloc Cannabis dispensary signage & sweater logo design by Smack Bang.
A Bloc Cannabis dispensary merchandising wall with spatial design by Smack Bang.

It was essential that Bloc’s identity represented cannabis culture in a happy, human way. This was achieved by designing a brand that reflects its community, celebrates diversity and caters to wellbeing and healing in a way that’s fun.

Bloc’s colourful philosophy is expressed through an equally vibrant visual language. With a monochromatic foundational logo, Bloc’s branding extends with a series of custom colourways – a unique and functional device – to represent the different locations of their national dispensaries and create a distinct sense of place in each store.

In positioning Bloc and its dispensaries as inclusive and unpretentious destinations that bring people together, we’re connecting with the community through a shared appreciation of good design, accessibility and the feel-good nature of new cannabis culture.

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