seven years of smack bang designs

It’s laughable how easy it is to set up a business nowadays. Jump online, register your ABN, secure your domain name and print yourself a cheesy little business card. It’s so easy you can do it whilst you’re hiding on the loo at your current job in between a quick game of Words with Friends and telling Siri that no, you don’t need her help navigating your way to Timbuktu.  

But to run one? Oh yeah, kinda easy. Just as easy as figuring out what the hell Einstein actually meant by E=mc², all the while balancing a dozen ceramics on your head after several bottles of Pinot. And maybe even then, it’s harder yet.

The beauty of starting my business when I was 22 was that I had no bloody clue what I was getting myself into. I was blissfully unaware, living in the warped reality that I would just design some stuff and get paid a bit. The rest of the time I’d be swanning my way through European summers and drinking my body weight in watermelon mimosas.

If I could tell 2011 me how far from the truth that would be, I’d semi-violently shake her and WRITE A WARNING IN ALL CAPS TO TELL HER THAT SHE WAS ABOUT TO SACRIFICE YEARS OF HER LIFE. She would be giving up weekends, holidays, friends’ birthdays, her own birthdays, days off, good health, anything that costed more than $20, that thing we refer to as exercise and the bliss of sitting still without an anxiety-fuelled deep desire to get up and do something for the sake of productivity.

But, I’d also tell her that it would all be 100% worth it, because she was about to embark on the best darn thing that could happen to her.

The last 7 years of building Smack Bang have been a wild ride, to say the g-damn least. As I look back, it simultaneously feels like 7 hours and 70 years. It’s grown from grit and determination, sweat and tears, endless Google searches, and – as cliché as it may sound – love.

In the spirit of birthday reflection, I thought it might be nice to take a wander down memory lane and share with y’all just how very far we’ve come – triumphs, blunders et al.