Brand Foundations

We craft Brand Foundations documents for our clients that articulate the very essence of their brand. These documents consolidate and crystallise the many facets of your brand story into one concise document that can be shared with stakeholders and growing teams to ensure the brand DNA remains clear, concise and accurate.

Generally, a 30-40 page document, the Brand Foundations includes all of the elements of a style guide as well as a deep dive into the entire brand story and pillars to ensure clarity and consistency across your brand at all times.

Our Brand Foundations process includes a one hour consult with a Brand Strategist and creative team to better understand the history of your brand, to offer advice, strategy and direction and to consolidate the business vision into one clear strategy. We then synthesises this new strategy and knowledge into a streamlined document that you can easily draw from when communicating your brand to the world.

The finished product eloquently articulates everything from your brand values, vision, tone of voice, brand personality and social cues, along with instructions on how to best use your logo, a suite of fonts (for both print and digital use), colour palettes, suggested logo usage, image direction and any other graphic rules that we suggest for your brand.

This is a comprehensive go-to guide for anyone who wants to refine their brand story as well as ensure consistency across all forms of internal and external communication.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Good design is good business – but both are nothing without a clear and concise business strategy. Our Brand Strategy Workshops help to uncover your vision and build out your brand foundations. Together, we work out the best avenues to channel and communicate your brand strategy with clarity and ensure your branding and positioning positively impacts your bottom line.

What to expect.

A 60-minute power session with a Brand Strategist to work through your pain points, core foundations and key messaging. This session help you bridge the gap between your brand vision and strategic thinking to developing a clear roadmap for your brand. The process is collaborative, so to get the most out of it and gain some insight into your brand, prior to our session, we’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire, audit your current brand assets, and request a list of your most pressing concerns, challenges and goals so that we can do our research and come prepared to take an objective look at your brand.

Why it works.

We like to think of this workshop as brand therapy, and strategy as the heart of brand positioning. We delve deep into your brand’s history and comprise a plan on how you can surpass your competition, surprise and delight your audience, make your brand not only look good. But more than anything, we use our extensive business expertise to tap into how to make your audience feel connected and engaged with your brand.