Anyone can create a brand – but doing it well takes something more.


The Brand Plan is the difference between your brand being ‘just another’ and being unforgettable.


Take your ideas to the next level with our proven strategy guide to building an effective, engaging and consistent brand experience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or simply a brand enthusiast –  empower yourself with the tools to build a brand that not only gets clicks, but connects.


Product type: Downloadable Ebook

Whether you’re building a product or service based business, with this resource you’ll have an arsenal of tools, worksheets, checklists, activities and advice to ensure you’re formulating a brand strategy that’s rooted in clarity, connection and cut-through. 


Who’s behind The Brand Plan?

Tess Robinson is a brand strategist, innovator, mentor and founder of Smack Bang. With 10+ years of experience in building and boosting brands of all sizes, across all categories, Tess has decided to share her formula for transforming an idea into a world-class product or service and orchestrating a compelling brand experience around it. 

The Framework

The Brand Plan is a 60,000 word actionable e-course that delivers 11 key modules to guide you through the exact ingredients needed to create an authentic brand experience that drives sales and fosters a community of loyal customers.

Together we’ll clarify what your brand stands for, who will love it the most and pin-point your positioning. Then we’ll crystallise a solid strategy that humanises your brand to communicate your vision, values and purpose so that you can go about owning your niche with clarity and confidence. The Brand Plan will help distil your:

  • Brand’s authentic positioning and perception
  • Brand DNA and personality
  • Ideal target market
  • Core vision, values and purpose
  • Brand’s aesthetic and copy direction
Who’s it for?
  • Business owners starting out who want to build their brand foundations with clarity and confidence
  • Marketing managers feeling stuck or uninspired, who are aching to tell a more compelling story that cuts-through to the right customer 
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to refocus or diversify their strategy to take things to the next level
  • Brand builders (designers, strategists and collaborators) who want to up-level and truly understand what it takes to build a brand with a cult following

(The Brand Plan was originally published in 2019, updated version released 2021.)


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