You’ve got a big idea and maybe even the beginnings of a business model to match it. But with almost half of new brands failing in the first few years, it’s clear that having a big idea, no matter how great, isn’t enough to cut it. You need to build smart and build profitably from the get-go. 

Calling the Shots is here to help start-up founders and entrepreneurs dream up and build profitable businesses they’re proud of.

This 500 page deep dive is the ultimate resource for early stage entrepreneurship in today’s era. It’s a comprehensive e-course for founders who are serious about building strong foundations to scale their business, their way.


Product type: Downloadable Ebook

Calling the Shots functions as a step-by-step guide to setting up your business. 

Together, we’ll walk you through the exact process of setting up a business, dial-in on your core vision, pull you from indecision and provide actionable advice to get you on your way to creating a product or service that’s ripe for scaling and primed for success.

Who’s behind Calling the Shots?

Tess Robinson is an entrepreneur, brand builder, mentor and founder of Smack Bang. With 10+ years of experience in helping build and launch brands of all sizes, across all categories, Tess has decided to share her hard-won learnings with the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Through Calling the Shots, Tess has pulled together some of our favourite industry experts across all aspects of business to share their wisdom so that you can learn what it takes to launch a successful business from accomplished voices who have been there, done that and come out on top.

The Framework

Calling the Shots is an actionable ecourse that delivers 18 key modules to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to build a viable business model with solid market footing and an authentic and strategic approach to doing business on your terms. 

Calling the Shots will equip you with:

  • A winning mindset that will promote confidence and resilience
  • A solid understanding of exactly how to launch your business
  • A set of goals and objectives unique to you and your business
  • A strategic approach to building a team
  • A marketing plan founded on values and purpose
  • Advice and actions for staying inspired 
Who’s it for?
  • Early stage entrepreneurs eager to get it right the first time
  • Existing business owners feeling stuck or uninspired, wondering how to regain focus and motivation
  • Brand dreamers with big ideas who are ready to make their mark but not sure where to start

(Calling the Shots was originally published in 2017, updated version released 2021.)


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Alecia May22, 2018

I cannot recommend this ebook enough! So thankful to have found this at a pivotal point in my own freelance practice. With daunting things ahead I feel so much more prepared to take them on because of what this ebook has walked me through.

Holly Mar21, 2018

What a life saver!! Being a start up can be daunting and damn difficult to get everything just right. Not an ounce of wank in this read, it was absolutely relevant and relatable. The voice was honest, real and inspiring- I felt like I wasn't alone in the business of mine. Some serious 2018 motivation provided by Smack Bang!! The workbook in conjunction with the e-book is an essential resource anyone who is their own boss.

Jo Chun Yan Poon Jan16, 2018

As a graphic designer with my own design studio, running the business side of things can be tricky and complicated. New creative entrepreneurs may have all the talent and passion in the world to start their ultimate dream company, but the practical reality of business is just something we don't get taught in design school. When I boldly declared to the world that I would go and chase my dream of starting up a design studio, I often found myself hunched over my computer, feeling confused, scared and overwhelmed by all the "other" stuff that I needed get right in order to build a strong scaffolding for my business. Things like legal bits and pieces, trying to work out my 5 year business plan, talking money with clients and trying to work out my ideal client were all a tangled mess in my head. This is where the Calling The Shots EBook and companion Workbook comes in. Each chapter is dedicated to one aspect of running and/or setting up your creative business. The guys at Smack Bang have done a stellar job in distilling all the information down into simple, practical steps that you can implement quickly. Its one of those books that I found myself dedicating time to each week to skill up and complete the activities in the worksheets. It has helped me get crystal clear on the longer term vision and structure for my business and is a hands-down brilliant resource for creative essentialists.

Lucy Kirkwood Jan16, 2018

Well holy shit, that was an amazing read. I have been running my own business for 2 years and wish somebody had run me through even just half of these tips in the beginning. I’ve felt so unproductive or inefficient at times with the hundreds of different hats you wear being your own boss. This e-book has literally answered all the mysteries, relieved my frustrations and given me more direction. Not to mention really freakin’ motivated for this year!

Jessica Abraham Jan16, 2018

Calling The Shots came to me at just the right time. I had been in business for six months, just long enough to get a lay of the land and have an idea of what was and wasn't working, and where I wanted to go. I was ready to truly get stuck into the business, but needed a little help directing my focus. I spent my Christmas holiday "break" working through the e-book and came into 2018 so incredibly clear on the direction I wanted to take the brand, actionable steps and a powerful marketing strategy. I would highly recommend Calling The Shots to any biz owner, at any stage of business!

Elle Jan8, 2018

MUST HAVE for anyone starting out - its basically my business bible!

Serrin Jan5, 2018

It was all kinds of perfect, Definitely the most helpful, engaging and informative resource I have come across in a while. Makes working on your own dream much easier and even more fun! I absolutely loved the tone of voice used throughout the copy, super refreshing and honest. Thank you for creating this gem!

Emma Dec19, 2017

Interesting, fun and so helpful. Thank you SBD!

Sam Dec4, 2017

Everything I ever needed to know about going out on my own – it all seems so much less scary now! Would recommend this to ANYONE. Thank you Smack Bang!

Anna Dec1, 2017

The Ebook and workbook have given me the motivation and confidence I need to get my business off the ground. A small investment with big results!

Jess Dec1, 2017

This purchase was one of the best things I decided to do for my business! I am so motivated now, seeing where I can take my business. The language throughout was easy to read and relatable!

Georgie Dec1, 2017

Wish I had this when I first started my business, would have saved me so much heartache!

Nathan Dec1, 2017

All of my business questions have been answered! Everyone needs Ebook.

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