Boost Your Folio Mentorship

Does your folio need a boost? 

If you’re a creative about to take your first steps into the industry, or you’ve got runs on the board but want some high-level feedback to boost your presence (and be able to charge more), then Boost Your Folio is for you. 

Get practical, commercial and invaluable feedback on your folio delivered straight to your inbox from the Smack Bang team of experts. 

We’ve just opened the doors to our new program Boost Your Folio for creatives looking to level up and create a thriving folio destined for good things. 
How does it work? 

1. Submit your folio.
2. We’ll allocate the most aligned creative from our team to review your top 6 pieces of work (as selected by you)
3. Receive eye-opening and immediately actionable feedback in your inbox within 7 business days. 

Whether you’re a designer, photographer, copywriter or fellow creative, this offering is designed to help you take your hard work to the next level and give you the advice you need to land your dream job or start attracting your ideal clients. 

With limited availability, your best bet is to jump in today.

Who will be reviewing? 


Tess Robinson (she/her)
Creative Director + Brand Strategist

With a love for storytelling and a natural infinity for what makes consumers tick and brands connect Tess has led her creative agency for 12+ years. As Creative Director and Founder, Tess has helped build hundreds of brands with first-hand experience launching some of Australia’s most loved startups. Tess is a mother, mentor, writer and multi-disciplined creative.

Get to know Tess


Scott Wrightson (he/him)
Design Director

Scott got his start in the industry as a graphic designer, but his expertise has stretched over the past decade to include art direction, campaign, strategic thinking, digital, experiential and motion design. Constantly pushing for new and exciting creative opportunities within the constraints of any brief, Scott has led both agency and in-house design teams to deliver and launch meaningful products and brands with true sticking power.

Get to know Scott


Katie Shepherd (she/her)
Art Director

With over 9 years of experience, Katie is a seasoned brand designer and art director with a focus on building memorable brand experiences that forge new ground for brands and consumers alike. With an intrinsic appreciation for original and conceptual work that communicates with simplicity and story, Katie has a breadth of expertise across art direction, brand, digital and packaging.

Get to know Katie


Kayla Gilbert (she/her)
Brand Designer

Graduating from UTS, Sydney, Kayla is a designer specialising in all things brand. From Spotify campaigns to Aussie startups, Kayla is a talented designer who gives life to a brand’s unique story through an unconventional and considered approach. Kayla is skilled across brand identity systems, digital, packaging and illustration, developing brands from scratch to prepare them for launch. 

Get to know Kayla


(3 Reviews)
Matt C Jun20, 2023

Their insights were not generic but specific and actionable, providing me with practical advice to enhance my portfolio and stand out to (hopefully) win new clients. Its exciting to feel proud of my work.

Annabelle Sotto Jun20, 2023

The feedback I received was super helpful and I've managed to implement their strategies really easily. Thank you for the practical advice.

Jess Caprilla Jun20, 2023

As a design student, it's hard to get real-life constructive feedback on your portfolio. This review by the Smack Bang team turned out to be an absolute game-changer for me. Very happy and would highly recommend.

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