Vanilla Kink

Redefining sexual wellness for a Gen Z audience.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Campaign Concepts
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Say hello to Vanilla Kink — A brand universe unlike any other. Vanilla Kink is set to be a generation defining platform, ushering in a new era of sexual wellness that changes the conversation forever. Sex shouldn’t be taboo, but for many generations it was exactly that. Whilst we’ve come a long way, there’s still work to do. Vanilla Kink speaks to the sexually free Gen Z and empowers them to priorities their sexual wellness however they see fit. We know that the sum of our sexual wellness extends far beyond the sheets, so Vanilla Kink set out to celebrate fearlessness, confidence and individuality, enabling an entire generation to be unapologetically themselves, one sexual experience at a time.

Smack Bang had the pleasure of creating an unforgettable brand that encapsulated the cheeky, light, no bullshit nature of Vanilla Kink whilst asserting their platform as the one stop shop for all your sexual wellness needs. Our team developed the brand identity, art direction, web design and copywriting for this compelling, community-led brand.

Who is Vanilla Kink?

Vanilla Kink is a category challenger, spicing up the conversation and creating a platform for sexual freedom for the younger generation. As far as brand experiences go, the sexual wellness space is vastly imitative; variations of the same thing, speaking about products and issues in the same, bland old way. Vanilla Kink is here to break the category rules, for a Gen Z market uninspired by existing players.




A new gen of sexual wellness.

For most generations before us, sex talk sucked—and not in the good way. Sex was taboo, which bred confusion, stigma and sub-par sex (probably). Gen Z, however, know sex. They know

good sex. Real sex. And sex beyond sex. They know how to talk about sex, empower ourselves with sex, and have sex that helps us affirm who they are. VK presents an opportunity to explore that which sits at the intersection of sensuality and unbound self-expression.

Why should we care?

Consumers are craving sex positive content and the sexual wellness industry is set to reach USD 121 billion by 2030. With searches of the term up by an 123% in the past year alone, the topic is well and truly up for conversation as Gen Z continues to break down old barriers and bid farewell to sex taboo. Hand in hand with growing mental health awareness, consumers are becoming cognitive that it is a holistic approach that is going to deliver the desired results and overall well being. We see that sexual wellness is just as crucial to our emotional and physical state as any other healthy practice. Vanilla Kink provides the judgement free zone for customers to practice sexual wellness and prioritise feeling good.

Whilst the global economy was drasticaly affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns the sex toy business actually boomed. The mainstream use of sex toys by millenials and gen z make them a profitable target market for sexual wellness brands – this trend is reflective in the implementation of sex products within fast fashion retailers like Urban Outfitters. Open minded and sex positive Gen Z consumers present major purchasing power in the sexual wellness space.




The brand in the making.

Our design positions Vanilla Kink as Gen Z’s indisputable answer to sexual wellness — bold, fun, engaging and approachable. The palette is inspired by nature, but modernised with a twist, pairing the earth tones of ocean and forest with vibrant, contemporary variations. The VK logo plays on the juxtaposition between Vanilla and Kink, pairing a clean, simple sans serif with exciting bespoke lettering. We created a brand mark that brings the contrasting V and K letters together, using the playful curves of the K to hug the V, showing that opposites really do attract. We have developed a brand that oozes authenticity, playfulness and approachability, delivering a highly engaging, captivating brand experience for all.




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