Styleware branding by Smack Bang.


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  • Perth, Australia

Until now, kitchen products and accessories have generally been considered utilitarian, at best. Styleware is here to reshape that narrative.

An Australian lifestyle company with a simple but highly considered philosophy, Styleware design kitchen accessories with sustainability as a foundational pillar.

Smack Bang designed the full brand identity, product packaging, and supporting ecomm experience. In doing so, we translated the brand’s multi-functional, mindfully created and highly creative approach into a brand experience that would successfully launch their premium and unique products to the Australian market.

Styleware bowls & glasses, art direction by Smack Bang.
Styleware website design by Smack Bang.
Styleware Instagram post mockup & banner design by Smack Bang.
Styleware web design mockup by Smack Bang.
Varying photos of Styleware products, art directed by Smack Bang.
Styleware bowls & cutlery.
Styleware social media post design mockup by Smack Bang.
Two images of Styleware products by Smack Bang.
Examples of the Styleware branding design by Smack Bang.
Styleware shop front mockup by Smack Bang.
Styleware eCommerce web design by Smack Bang.

Our team created a contemporary brand that echoed Styleware’s belief that less is more. At the core of the brand, the brand questions why a functional object can’t also be unabashedly gorgeous. To infuse this sentiment and their mission into a viable identity, we developed a brand system that focussed on the combination of beauty and function in the every day.

A palette consisting of soft, yet refreshingly modern tones reflect the content of the brand, whilst nuanced type, and a pared-back graphic system are carefully constructed to emulate the considered brand approach and product range.

Modern and minimal photography by Daniel Herrmann-Zoll provides an immersive and sensory experience, further helping to differentiate Styleware from the antiquated category in which it sits.

The brand’s clean, innovative approach is further demonstrated by a refined and modern supporting e-commerce platform which places connection and conversion as primary objectives. It was imperative to build a brand and accompanying assets that exuded authority and innovation, coupled with a warm and inviting ambiance that matched Styleware’s vision to elevate an entire category.

Styleware packaging design by Smack Bang.

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