A bag of St Dreux coffee and cup with new branding by Smack Bang.

St. Dreux

Born out of curiosity.

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Signage
  • Sydney, Australia

St. Dreux had a vision to create something new and fresh but at the same time honouring the past 20 years of industry experience. With a strong story behind the brand, St. Dreux aims to connect with people and create community, stripping coffee back to its simple and effective form, understood by many. Our team were tasked to develop a brand identity and supporting material that would emulate the St. Dreux aspirations and promises of quality, transparency, sustainability and consistency. This is a brand not afraid to shake up the coffee industry, creating interest and intrigue through the use of colour and bold, minimal design.

Pouring steamed milk into cups of St Dreux Coffee with branding design by Smack Bang.
Mobile eCommerce web design mockup for St Dreux by Smack Bang.
Two bags of St Dreux coffee with new branding design by Smack Bang, one in white and the other in blue.
Three St Dreux Coffee poster designs created by Smack Bang.
Filter coffee being poured into a glass next to a bag of St Dreux coffee with new branding by Smack Bang.
A hand holding a St Dreux takeaway cup and three yellow takeaway cups stacked with new branding by Smack Bang.
St Dreux Coffee branding by Smack Bang.
Three bags of St Dreux coffee with new branding design by Smack Bang, showing both the front & back.
St Dreux Roastery business cards designed by Smack Bang.
A croissant, bag of coffee and diner-style cup with new St Dreux branding by Smack Bang.
Three St Dreux cups of flat whites, stacked & overflowing with the new branding by Smack Bang and someone holding a scotch finger biscuit & a takeaway cup of black coffee.
A cute dog smelling a cup of St Dreux coffee in a diner-style cup with branding by Smack Bang.
  • DesignSmack Bang
  • Art DirectionSmack Bang
  • PhotographySmack Bang
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