Reconnecting the Motherhood.

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When a baby is born, so too is a mother — born into a new identity and a very new body. It is scary, overwhelming, uncomfortable and at times defeating. So whilst every man, woman and midwife is helping with the new baby, Mumli is an app built to help the new mum.

Mumli is your virtual village in a swipe, sage advice in a tap, and the mothers group you wanted, right there in an app. As an all-in-one platform, this app helps you collect, save and share information and treasured moments throughout your motherhood journey. And the best part is, it’s also a social network with a virtual village of Mums riding the same ups and downs as you. Because although motherhood is a unique and individual journey, it doesn’t need to be travelled alone.

All brand elements for Mumli were developed by our team including name and visual identity, right through to the app, launch campaign and marketing touchpoints.

We worked with the founding team well before launch to strategise and formulate the best approach and positioning to bring all aspects of this game-changing app to life. The Mumli brand is warm and inclusive, assuring members’ needs are not only understood but positioned at the heart of the offering. Whilst nurturing and empowering, the identity is also bold and unique to ensure it’s brand essence could stand out in the inundated baby and pregnancy industry. It was also important for the visual and written language to strike resonance and appeal with mothers from all stages and demographics. Working with a development team to concept the app flow, functionality and features, and then design the entire interface meant that we could build a product that was inherently user-centred, finally giving mothers around the world a future where they truly come first. Centred around the notion of community, the brand language and supporting assets are a strong, dynamic and playful representation of the support and connection that is central to all that Mumli stands for.

The creation of Mumli has been such an incredible process. One I couldn’t have done without the team at Smack Bang. We have worked with Smack Bang from the very start of our inception. They have since been by our side through every pivot and adaptation, bringing our story to life and giving soul and a beating heart to our brand across a broad range of mediums. In business you need a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck… I count myself very lucky to have found Smack Bang. They have always felt very much a part of our team, caring equally for our brand and investing just as much thought and care. Speaking as a founder, that is the pinnacle of partnership.

— Mel Corlett, Founder

The Mumli app experience and interface was designed by our creative team to encourage genuine and genuinely meaningful relationships and exchanges between mums—to be a place that truly reconnects motherhood and provides a virtual village for mums at all stages of their journey.

Designing an app that could serve as the foundation for this ambition required marrying both an immersive brand experience with an intuitive and seemingly familiar interface. It was also imperative for the app to be simple, yet sophisticated in its ability to deliver on its multi-functional promises.

Meanwhile, we knew Mumli’s use of language would be a powerful tool in bringing its community together, so we devised a brand language evident throughout the app that speaks as though it’s direct from your favourite supportive, unfiltered and unapologetically honest Mum at Mother’s group — The kind of Mother’s group friend every mum wishes she had. 

We’ve been honoured to work so closely with the team at Mumli as they successfully deliver on their original promise: to become the company that Mothers deserve.

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