Life Instyle poster design by Smack Bang.

Life Instyle

Reframing retail.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Sydney, Australia

We’re shedding the burden of mass-produced products and steering our way towards more mindfully made goods that celebrate the story of their makers and creators. Goods that are designed with intention, created with care and set to live long lives with those who love them.

Life Instyle was on a mission to champion this shift—and engaged Smack Bang to communicate this positioning.

After merging with Reed Gift Fairs, the brand had somewhat lost its footing, resulting in a fractured identity. We reimagined Life Instyle 2.0 with a focus on connection, discovery and curation, and launched a reinspired identity that reclaimed its heritage as Australia’s leading trade show.

We began by defining and distilling the brand story and DNA in a Brand Foundations doc, before developing the entire campaign concepts and creative for their 2019-2020 shows, copywriting and digital assets. Our creative celebrates the foundational pillars of the Life Instyle brand; discovery, connection and curation. The artworks were created using paper and photographed, giving a thoughtful, handmade and tangible feel to the campaign. Perfectly connecting and fitting objects echo the relationships of makers and buyers, and the opportunity to use this connection to build a strong brand story.

Photo of Sydney Darling Harbour with Life Instyle branding design by Smack Bang.
Design concepts of different shapes by Smack Bang for Life Instyle.
Marketing collateral magazine designed by Smack Bang for Life Instyle.
The Life Instyle Brand Foundations book designed by Smack Bang.
Stacks of the Life Instyle book designed by Smack Bang.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Smack Bang team.

From the very beginning when we weren’t even sure exactly what we wanted or needed, the team made the whole process easy and the workshop enabled us to put into words and cement the core of our brand and our direction to move forward. The Brand Foundations document is our “bible”, and I find myself referring to it on a daily basis. It’s a document that enables us to confidently live and breathe our brand identity and values. We were so happy with the outcome that we just knew we wanted to continue to work with the team and take it one step further; to deliver our campaign creative for 2020 and this is where the Brand Foundations really came to life. We now have a fresh, sophisticated and refined visual to match the new voice that SB has given us and we can’t wait to share it with our community and beyond. – Flyn Roberts, Exhibition Manager, Life Instyle

Grid of six images designed for Life Instyle by Smack Bang.
Design concepts of different shapes by Smack Bang for Life Instyle.
Life Instyle Instagram Story design mockups by Smack Bang.

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