Pouring Inner Atlas tea into a cup with packaging design by Smack Bang.

Inner Atlas

The next frontier of wellness.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Sydney, Australia

Inner Atlas is a modern wellness brand harnessing the power of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic tonic blends for performance, beauty, mood and immune support. Their range of products nourish the nervous system to enable users to show up as their best selves with a sense of calm, clarity and flow.

Smack Bang were engaged by the Inner Atlas co-founders to launch a design-forward brand with graphic shelf appeal and a clear point of difference. In concepting and executing the brand identity, packaging system and accompanying imagery, we developed an entirely immersive world — One which reflected the Inner Atlas spirit of charm.

A hand holding an Inner Atlas box with packaging design by Smack Bang.
A layout of tea and cookies, someone pouring Inner Atlas tea.
A bag of Inner Atlas Chaga with packaging design by Smack Bang.
Pouring Inner Atlas Dusk with packaging by Smack Bang in the background.
A bag of Inner Atlas Reishi tea with packaging design by Smack Bang.
A bag of Inner Atlas Lion's Mane with packaging & logo design by Smack Bang.
A bag of Inner Atlas Turkey Tail with packaging design by Smack Bang.

“Thank you to the team at Smack Bang for intuitively understanding the direction for my brand and bringing something to life that I’m absolutely proud of.

They blew me away at every point of the process with regard to their professionalism, personable approach and creativity. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

—Tara Seymour, Founder

The brand was brought to life on the core range of products, marrying modern design with the ancient practice of medicinal mushrooms.

Because their product range is specifically designed to support you throughout the arc of your day, it was important to us that our creative reflected that. We focused on building an abstract, out-of-this-world aesthetic, creating distinct graphics that not only reflected the key consumption times of Dawn, Day and Dusk, but served as valuable product differentiators.

Highly regarded for their superior quality, we created an intriguing yet modern aesthetic, something completely different for the mushroom space at the time. For each variation, we selected a complementary colour combination that conveyed the taste profile. Enchanting yet commercially enduring, the packaging suite encouraged audiences to explore all of the Inner Atlas products.

A bag of Inner Atlas Cordyceps with packaging design by Smack Bang.
Inner Atlas thank you cards designed by Smack Bang.

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