Little girl playing with Hill St Kids baking set with new packaging design by Smack Bang.

Hill St Kids

Nurturing the next generation of bakers.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Brand Strategy
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Established as Hill St Wholefood’s bold younger sibling, Hill St Kids was created with the aim to rethink and reinvent the formulaic category of baking with a brand that truly spoke the language of kids. We worked with the founding team from inception, to bring this product and brand experience to life.

Hill St Kids is on a mission to make you smile, no matter your age. With a desire to create a kids baking kit that explored the question, “What does fun taste like?”, our team worked to create a product that answered just that.

A Kid's Baking Kit by Hill St with a new packaging design by Smack Bang.
Three poster design mockups of little kids playing with Hill St Kids baking kits, designed by Smack Bang.
Mobile web design mockup for Hill St Kids by Smack Bang.
An upside-down ice cream cone and new branding design for Hill St Kids by Smack Bang.
Two poster designs for Hill St Kids by Smack Bang.

“One of the many things that I love about working with Smack Bang is that they put just as much time and effort into the creative process as we do. At the end of the day, we all have the same end goal — to see huge grins on the faces of our tiniest customers.”

– Eliana Glover, Founder

Starting with the fun, zany and playful personality, we expanded the brand to speak to the premium, healthy and clever nature of the ingredients, process and product in a way that appealed to the tastebuds of children. Every touchpoint is deliberately crafted to ensure our customer is inspired and delighted, losing themselves in the joy of baking and mess-making.

The identity lives and breathes play and joy, embracing the wonder of a child’s imagination through the art of baking. A diverse set of brand devices carry levity and freshness, bringing endless play and activities to give children a sincere opportunity to engage and participate in the act of baking. Our team concepted a packaging box that included a colouring-in insert that could keep kids entertained whilst their goodies are baking, as well as giving a second life to an otherwise useless container. These devices, matched with a quirky and childlike tone of voice, help to support Hill St’s image as bakers, makers and lovers of real food on a mission to change the baking game.

A marketing book for Hill St Kids with design and copywriting by Smack Bang.
Three boxes of Hill St kids Natural Sprinkles in new packaging design by Smack Bang.
Two photos of a little girl and an ice cream cone with Hill St Kids Natural Sprinkles, art direction by Smack Bang.

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