Australian Museum

A new era for an Australian icon.

  • Packaging
  • Merchandise
  • Sydney, Australia

Spotlighting natural history and culture, the Australian Museum makes nature, indigenous cultures and science both accessible and relevant by positioning itself as the leading voice for the richness of life and culture within Australia and the greater Pacific. A heritage-listed museum, and the oldest within Australia, the museum is both highly regarded and internationally recognised. 

With an aim to educate and inform, the Museum itself is an immersive experience which transports every visitor into a new world — championing child-like awe, no matter your age. Seeking a refreshed, contemporary product suite to sit within their on-site store, the opportunity presented to provide every visitor a chance to take home a memento of the experience. With a wide and inclusive target audience, these items needed to provide a meaningful keepsake and would act to increase visitor engagement and promote brand awareness.

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