Brand Language and Copywriting

Design turns heads. Copy turns minds.

Nailing your brand voice is the (often overlooked) ingredient to nailing the emotional connection with your ideal client.




Copywriting goes well beyond listing your product features, advantages and benefits – the words we use have the power to tell a story and tug at a heart string. The way your brand speaks to your consumer is how they will remember the brand and the feelings associated with it. Leading brands not only have a clever tone of voice, but one that is distinctive to them, communicating seamlessly with consumers across every platform and touchpoint. Whilst a well thought out logo and magical design will catch the eyes of our target audience it is the copy and brand messaging that will capture their heart and mind. Ensuring strategy underpins all communication touchpoints is paramount to building lasting customer relationships.

The nitty gritty

Smack Bang offers strategic copywriting as well as brand messaging by leading wordsmiths who work to decode your brand DNA and design a brand language that is your own. As copywriting is necessary across every platform you choose to promote your brand, our writers utilise their inherent gift for language to elevate and propel your brand forward. With the correct tone of voice and brand messaging you’ll be able to attract your intended audience and convert one-timers into lifelong loyalists.

Smack Bang has developed the brand language, brand messaging and copywriting for a number of memorable brands including the likes of:

Core Breakdown

Brand Language and Copywriting includes:

Brand Persona. Distillation of the correct tone of voice for the brand.

Traits + Attributes. Checklist for TOV sense check to ensure consistency.

Tone + Style. Including tonal scale.

Principles. Key phrases/words to associate with brand including word rejections.

Applications. Tone of voice applications, Brand positioning statement/taglines.

Guidelines. Complete PDF guide exploring how to use the language.elements and treatments.


Our employees, partners, and shareholders are extremely happy with the new brand. Smack Bang’s work has been invaluable to our business and have successfully elevated us in our industry.

— Laureen Stowers, CMO Bullet Train

The creation of Mumli has been such an incredible process. One I couldn’t have done without the team at Smack Bang. We have worked with Smack Bang from the very start of our inception. They have since been by our side through every pivot and adaptation, bringing our story to life and giving soul and a beating heart to our brand across a broad range of mediums.

— Mel Corlett, Founder Mumli

The process was extremely thoughtful from beginning to end and I believe the brand will stand the test of time, forever bringing a smile to the consumer’s face, thanks to Smack Bang.

— Georgie Woods, Founder Giddy Citizen

In the digital age thoughtfully considered web design is paramount to the success of e-commerce brands.

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