Brand Identity Design

Branding isn’t the product you buy, it’s who you believe you become when you buy it.

Your business needs an expertly woven brand story paired with a strategically designed identity suite to ensure your target audience is captured.




When supermarkets only carried one type of flour, brand was not important. However, times have changed and today’s e-commerce world supplies consumers with limitless purchase options, meaning that brand, quite simply, is everything.

Developing a cohesive and robust brand identity is an integral element of any effective brand strategy. Your visual identity is often the very first interaction an intended audience will have with your brand. A memorable and relevant brand logo, typography and brand colour palette will not only convey the desired brand aesthetic in one fell swoop but will trigger interest and intrigue into brand purpose, with consumers. Creating a strong and engaging visual brand identity begins with using the strategic brand principles and core foundations that act as a springboard for the creative development.

The nitty gritty

Often paired with the Brand Foundations service, the Smack Bang brand identity offering works by collaboratively engaging key stakeholders in a phased approach of ideation, creative concepting, visual development and design application. The result is the creation of an engaging and relevant visual brand identity, entrenched in purpose and presence. At completion of this service your brand identity will be ready to be seamlessly implemented across marketing collateral and digital platforms.

Smack Bang has worked collaboratively to build a number of memorable global brands with strategically sound and aesthetically captivating visual identities:

Core Breakdown

Creative ideation and concepts explore:

Logos. Master logo or type mark, brand mark, favicon/app icons.

Taglines. An external brand statement.

Brand Colour Palettes. Primary, secondary, and supporting colour combinations.

Typography. Hero, supporting and body copy fonts to use across advertising, branded platforms, applications and websites.

Brand Assets. Textures, patterns, graphic elements and treatments.

Deeper brand development and design application covers:

Logo variations, principles and usage. Brand graphic language and a design system for application. Imagery and Art Direction — guidance for future photography or shoots. Design applications such as:

  • Packaging. Product, e-comm fulfilment, sustainability approach.
  • Merchandise. Product design, range concepting.
  • Collateral. Stationery, publications, inserts, pitch presentations.
  • Outdoor media. Signage and way-finding.
  • POS Collateral. Decal, promotional signage.
  • Campaign adcepts. OOH, elms, digital.
  • Social Media. Execution and example feed and templates.
  • Website Guidelines. Splash page and homepage examples.


Our employees, partners, and shareholders are extremely happy with the new brand. Smack Bang’s work has been invaluable to our business and have successfully elevated us in our industry.

— Laureen Stowers, CMO Bullet Train

The creation of Mumli has been such an incredible process. One I couldn’t have done without the team at Smack Bang. We have worked with Smack Bang from the very start of our inception. They have since been by our side through every pivot and adaptation, bringing our story to life and giving soul and a beating heart to our brand across a broad range of mediums.

— Mel Corlett, Founder Mumli

The process was extremely thoughtful from beginning to end and I believe the brand will stand the test of time, forever bringing a smile to the consumer’s face, thanks to Smack Bang.

— Georgie Woods, Founder Giddy Citizen

Our company was blown away by the intimate, precious, and compelling work completed by Smack Bang. Internally, it has been very well received and loved. Smack Bang’s contributed value to our business has been game-changing!

— Elliot Costello, Founder Phantm

Nailing your brand voice is the (often overlooked) ingredient to nailing the emotional connection with your ideal client.

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